Western Bodywork


Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage

Let your mind, and your body sink in and let go. Therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage uses; long gliding strokes, pressure, kneading, and percussion tapping techniques to relax away tense, sore muscles. Swedish massage not only relieves muscle tension, it improves circulation, increases oxygen in the blood, increases muscle flexibility, and relieves stress too! This style of massage is performed disrobed to client’s comfort, with the use of nourishing organic oils or lotions either available scented with personalized aromatherapy blends, or unscented at client request

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Massage

Therapeutic rehabilitation massage therapy is goal-orientated, and site or body region specific. Used primarily as a means for recovery from injury, pre/post surgery, or accidents. It may also be referred to “clinical” massage therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Using light pressure, and gentle rhythymic strokes, the flow of the lymph and lymphatic fluid is increased to cleanse body toxins, reduce edema and inflammation, and calm the central nervous system. Calming, gentle, and nourishing.

Myofacial Release

Myofacial massage, is a release of myofacial connective tissue. Through the administration of gentle and sustained pressure, this technique offers reduction of pain, inflammation, dissolves restriction and increases motion to the area.

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage moves from Swedish massage by turning focus onto the deepest layers of muscle to relieve chronic tension and muscle holding patterns.

Trigger Point Therapy brings focus to muscle tissue holding tension, that when pressure is applied, “sends” referring pain to another area or part of the body. Through intermittent pressure application, these congested areas are released, relieving muscle pain and referral symptoms.

Pre / Post-Natal Massage

Both wonderful and relaxing, the gift of massage during your pregnancy helps to relieve discomforts such as edema, back pain, tight neck and shoulders and swelling. You, are swaddled comfortably, allowing true relaxation, and retreat during this very special time.

Geriatric/Oncology Massage

Individual care for special needs and populations that provides relaxation and stress relief. Based upon Therapeutic Swedish massage techniques, with compassion and extra care to meet each client in all stages of their life and healing journey.